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Current Sermon Series

This page only includes sermon's from the past three months. For older sermons, please reference our Audio Archives page.

February, 2018

Kindness is...

October 8th by Wendy Terry Download Here

We’ve heard a lot in recent weeks about “Minnesota Nice”. The closest word we think of in Scripture is often “kind”. What exactly, then, does the Bible say about kindness? Turns out, kindness is a lot deeper than just sharing a cupcake at the lunch table.

How to become better lovers

February 11th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

We've talked a lot about how God put us here on the Earth so that we could learn how to love; to be real lovers, like He is. But how do we do that? What does it take? Where do we start?

January, 2018

How to get good at loving

January 28th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

Ephesians says we humans were placed on the Earth in order to love God back, and so push in the noses of those Principalities & Powers in the heavenly places that try to sell the idea that God isn't worth loving. But why is responding with love to God's love so hard?

How to make God big

January 21st by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

We as human beings, were made to be in relationship with God. So Ephesians tells us. But how do we do that? He's so, well, big. Is God too big for us humans to have real relationship with? It depends on who you listen to. The world, or heaven.

How to pray "in the Spirit"

January 14th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

Last week we talked about what it means to pray "at all times". But there's more to the sentence in verse 18 than that. We are also to pray "in the Spirit". And depending on who you talk to, you get various stories about what that means. But the real questions to ask is, what did Paul mean by it?

How to pray without ceasing

January 7th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

We've spent a lot of time examing the famous "Armor of God" passage in Ephesians 6, and we've found there's a lot there. But at some point the question must be asked; What do we do with it? How do we, practically speaking, put it into practice? And the answer is simple - Pray without ceasing.

December, 2017

The Anunciation - It's a two-way street

December 3rd by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

It's a famous moment in history - when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she was about to have a very important baby. But it's much more than just a scene of prophecy; it's also a touching and very human story about a young lady who did something very remarkable - she believed.

November, 2017

The Sword of the Spirit

November 19th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

We all love the Armor of God chapter, and of the various pieces it mentions, everybody's favorite is probably the Sword of the Spirit. But... What is it? What is it for? How does one go about using it?

The Helmet of Salvation

November 12th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

If you've been a Christian very long, then "salvation" is a word you've run into a time or two. You remember the day you got saved, and other people do too and have told you all about their salvation experiences, and your church, it seems, never stops talking about salvation. But when we use that word, do we mean the same thing that Paul does when he uses it?d to be.

The comunity of faith

November 5th by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

Last time we talked about what faith is, and how it may be acquired. But the Shield of Faith has another aspect, and it's easy to miss - faith isn't something you do alone. It takes a community of believers.

October, 2017

The Shield of Faith

October 22nd by Dale Fredrikson Download Here

Most of the New Testament is about faith. That being the case, it's interesting that most of us have at best a vague idea of what faith is, how to get it and what to do with it. Join us as we ask exactly those questions.

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October 15th by Wendy Terry Download Here

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October 8th by Wendy Terry Download Here

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Guest Speaker - Cheryl Allen

October 1st, 2017 by Cheryl Allen Download Here

Today we had a very special guest speaker. Cheryl Allen is the foundeer and executive director of Pasadena International House of Prayer, fondly known as PIHOP. As you will hear, she has a passion for the Body of Christ to become fastinated with Jesus and to grow into deeper intimacy with him. PIHOP is centered around a Prayer Room which currently raises worship and prayer to God 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. The have an extensive and effective prayer ministry, focusing on both spiritual and physical healing. They also have a variety of educational programs and have been instrumental in establishing Houses of Prayer in Central Asia and the Middle East.