We meet together regularly for worship, teaching, fellowship, and prayer at Olivet United Methodist Church.

Generally, our services follow this schedule:

4:00 pm – Worship in Song and the Word
4:40 pm – Announcements & Prayer
4:50 pm – Teaching

The service concludes around 5:30 pm.

We share communion together once a month, usually on the 1st Sunday.

Immediately following the service, we meet in the main floor lounge for a time of fellowship. We share a potluck supper meal together on the 2nd Sundays, and have snacks on the other weeks.

This page covers the basics of practical information you may find useful when you visit. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Vision & Mission,
Both the vision and mission of the congregation operate within the larger vision and mission of the whole of TCJHOP: to be a unified, praying church moving in the power of the Holy Spirit to restore the family.

Within that framework, the vision of the congregation is to seek the re-awaken the Bride of Christ to the truth of who she is in the eyes of her Bridegroom.

Governed by this vision, our current mission is to:

1. Be a church: a gathering of unique Brides of Christ to form a unique Bride of Christ. As a church, we

2. Bear a burden: the same burden of love, compassion and urgency for other Brides and Churches, as Jesus has borne and bears now for us. Accepting this burden, we


Children are welcome to participate with the adults for whatever portion of the service they are able. We invite families to make use of the following options as needed.

Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers:

The nursery is available for use during the service. All children need to be supervised while there.


Sunday School is available weekly at about 4:45pm. The children meet in the lounge for a small snack and an age-appropriate lesson.


We practice an open communion table. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, please join us in celebrating this sacrament. Each participant should break off a piece of bread when offered, and then dip it in the cup of juice.

A gluten-free option is also available as a cracker. Indicate to the server if you need to receive one.


As you visit with us, be assured that we place no expectation on you to support us monetarily. Financial support for the ministry comes from our members and regular attenders. If God leads you to give, you may leave the offering in the appropriate bucket at the sanctuary entrance.

Prayer Ministry

We spend a few minutes each week sharing and praying for requests from our body. If you have one to share publicly, please write it on a card and place it in the appropriate bucket at the sanctuary entrance.

Prophetic Intercession

Our worship time often includes intercessory prayer and spontaneous worship. The prayer leader will guide us in prayers based around a particular passage of scripture or part of a song, which the worship team will then turn into more songs of prayer and praise.


During our time of worship, feel free to participate as you are most comfortable. The words to songs are printed on songsheets available at the sanctuary entrance.

While singing, many of our congregation will alternate between standing and sitting, and even kneeling or lying prostrate. We also lift our hands in prayer and praise. An area for dancing has been designated in the back of the sanctuary.